Generating Demand Through Intent-Based Content

Brainchild is a mashup of SEO-focused quants, brand builders, and creatives who integrate brands into relevant conversations through content.

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Intent-Based Content Marketing

Your buyer’s journey is more dynamic than ever. Using publicly available search and clickstream data, we map it and help you understand buyer intent. Then we develop intent-based content marketing programs that respect the (sometimes unexpected) language and paths buyers use when researching topics adjacent to your products and services.  The result? While your competitors mine the same tired opportunities, we create a content footprint that meets your customer in the now and builds a bridge to your brand when they’re ready to buy. And we do it at a pace and scale that's nearly impossible to replicate in-house.

Content Strategy & Operations

Are you confident you are seeing the maximum return from your content marketing efforts? We evaluate your existing processes from ideation to execution, and help your content team operate with a discipline typically only seen within product organizations. Content programs become fully data-driven, 100% measurable, differentiated from your competition, and aligned with the needs of your target buyers. Imagine what it would be like to have your content team firing on all cylinders.

Turnkey Editorial

What would happen if you increased your brand’s content footprint by 5x? By 10x? The results would be dramatic. Scaling your editorial efforts in-house, however, is challenging — no matter how rock solid your content strategy is. Our turnkey editorial services create elastic capacity, ready to flex in realtime based on the demands of your business. And when we say turnkey, we mean it — from topic identification and copywriting, to editing and CMS input, to measurement and promotion — we handle it all.

Outreach & Amplification

Who inside your organization is responsible for promoting the content your brand creates? For developing a prospect list and outreach strategy for each content initiative?  For executing that outreach and building relevant backlinks, social shares, and brand mentions? If your company is like most, the answer is no one. Content outreach is a grind, and in-house teams do not have the bandwidth to execute it consistently. Our process is not proprietary or flashy, but we execute it with a transparency and stamina we’ve yet to see elsewhere. Why spend the time and money to create content if you’re not doing everything possible to make sure it’s seen and shared by those who need it?


" Brainchild brings a wealth of experience to Guardian. The team has helped us transform the way we optimize, produce and promote content by working with us to improve our search, social and paid media programs. They are as invested in our business outcomes as we are, leading to program results that far exceed our expectations.
douglas jung
director digital marketing, guardian
"I've worked with the team at Brainchild at multiple companies. Their content-centric approach to digital marketing is unique, evidence-based, and effective. They operate with a level of discipline that’s contagious, and their processes are well-defined, transparent, and teachable.
Tom karrat
SVP Global Commercial Sales, LivePerson
" Keith and his team helped develop and execute a differentiated and scalable content strategy that resulted in thousands of leads generated per month — with zero dollars invested in paid media. Their prescriptive recommendations were driven by, and ultimately validated with hard data. The impact of their work on the growth of the business was undeniable.
Andrew herleman
vp finance & Strategy, borrowed & blue

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